C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH announces that the company is now operating under the new name Impact Asset Management GmbH. In addition to the new name, a comprehensive rebranding will also take place. IAM - Impact Asset Management GmbH thus underlines its position in the C-QUADRAT Group as the leading provider of sustainable products.

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) of the European Union will come into force on March 10, 2021 in order to create transparency with regards to the inclusion of sustainability risks in the investment process and the consideration of adverse effects on sustainability factors in financial investment products.

ESG aspects in portfolio management should not be viewed in isolation, but in a holistic context, emphasizes Andreas Böger of Vienna asset management company C-Quadrat. In addition to sustainability, he focuses on quality and active risk management.

  • New mixed fund in the emerging Armenian market
  • Fund replicates investment strategy of a mandatory pension fund managed by C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia
  • C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia convinced of the long-term potential of the Caucasus region – commitment to economic and social development
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