Complaint Management

Handling with investor complaints

May 2021

The Impact Asset Management GmbH developed an effective and transparent internal procedure for the reasonable and prompt handling of investor complaints (and investors suggestions) which was implemented organizationally.

All facts are understood as investor complaints, as long as they are associated with an investment fund of the Impact Asset Management GmbH.

Investor complaints and investors suggestions do not need a special formal requirement which is why they can be submitted in writing, via email or via fax. All complaints and suggestions will be forwarded immediately to a central processing department, which is concerned for the time-and customer-oriented response to the request. The reply of less complex requests should be pursued within five working days of receipt. For requests with greater clarification (for example if third parties are involved) the investor has to be informed about the expected procedure within 3 working days.

Investor complaints and investor suggestions which contain a substantial or reputational risk are brought immediately to the attention of the management of Impact Asset Management GmbH.


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