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Mexico 12/2023

  • 06.03.2024
    The I-AM Vision Microfinance Funds are invested in five different institutions in Mexico, which are spread across a wide range of customer segments and regions. Mexico was added to the portfolio in 2009 and current investments are predominantly made in local currency. In the I-AM Vision Microfinance Local Currency Fund, the country has the top 1 position in the portfolio with 8.4%. Loans in local currency bear an average interest rate of 12.5% and the currency development of the Mexican peso itself is also encouraging with an appreciation of over 14% against the US dollar in 2023.

Indonesia 02/23

Due Diligence Reise

  • 26.02.2024
    Indonesia is among the fastest growing countries in South-East Asia and has been part of the I-AM Vision Microfinance portfolio for a little longer than ten years. The investments in the country are intended to foster employment in rural areas and give female entrepreneurs their first access to financial services.

Costa Rica 10/2022

  • 26.02.2024
    I-AM Vision Microfinance’s investments in the country are focused on SME, which bring a valuable diversification effect into the portfolio by complementing the global microfinance allocation and small businesses are in general an important driver for employment in frontier as well as emerging markets. Currently, both I-AM Vision Microfinance Funds hold investments in Costa Richa with an aggregated amount of more than 60 million Euros with the impact intention to support the United Nations SDGs 1, 5 and 8.

Bolivia 07/2022

  • 26.02.2024
    The I-AM Microfinance Fund and the I-AM Vision Microfinance Local Currency Fund have been cooperating with Bolivian MFIs since the fund’s inception in 2006. The first investment was done with Ecofuturo, an institution which also only recently received funding. Bolivia is the top 8 country of investment in the I-AM Vision Microfinance Fund with around 32mio EUR distributed on 20 deals and 6 institutions. The disbursements are intended to support SDGs 1, 2 and 5.
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