Vision Microfinance

Around two-thirds of the global population have no access to financial services. This is where microfinance comes in. Regulated access to money allows micro-entrepreneurs to take their future into their own hands.

Microfinance is an umbrella term for basic financial services, such as loans, saving books and insurances for people with low incomes. Social impact investing provides people in developing countries and emerging markets with the possibility of bringing about a long-term improvement in both their own and their families’ circumstances. Microfinance thus contributes towards giving people all over the world a better chance of self advancement – on a sustainable basis and for the generations to come.

Impact Asset Management followed the UN’s call for the »International Year of Microcredit« and established its first microfinance fund in the German-speaking region, the Vision Microfinance, as early as 2006. This makes Impact Asset Management one of the region’s leading independent asset managers specializing in stock-picking, analysis and management in the field of social impact investing.

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