Flagship fund is renamed to"I-AM GreenStars Opportunities”

Frankfurt am Main, 4 April 2022: The Austrian Impact Asset Management ("I-AM") has renamed its flagship fund "C-QUADRAT GreenStars ESG" to "I-AM GreenStars Opportunities" as of 1 April 2022. With the rebranding of the fund, which was launched in 2013 and currently comprises assets under management of around 260 million euros, the company is now also repositioning itself at the product level. The former C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH has been operating under the name Impact Asset Management since mid-2021. With this step, the consistent focus on sustainable fund products will communicated more intensively to external stakeholders.

"The successful track record of I-AM GreenStars Opportunities shows the potential that can be realised with a clear focus on sustainability. Our approach is based on seizing market opportunities while consistently taking sustainability criteria into account. The new name "I-AM GreenStars Opportunities" excellently reflects the fund's investment strategy. For investors, the fund's orientation is thus already made clear in its name," says Daniel Feix, Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Management at I-AM.

I-AM GreenStars Opportunities has received a two-star FNG-Label and MSCI ESG Research's highest sustainability rating of AAA. In addition, the fund received five stars by Morningstar for its outstanding performance. Since the launch of the product, an annual return of 7.19% has been achieved (as of 31.03.22 / All data refer to share class S (VTA)).

As part of the rebranding of Impact Asset Management, further funds of the company are adopted into the new product family "I-AM".

About the fund

The multi-award-winning I-AM GreenStars Opportunities pursues an active investment policy and is not restricted by a benchmark. The equity exposure - on a historical average this was around 70% - can be up to 100% of the fund’s assets and is adjusted to the respective market environment. Moreover, corporate bonds can also be added to the portfolio. Derivative instruments may be used as part of the investment strategy and for hedging purposes.

Regarding the issuer selection, the fund management pays particular attention to the characteristics of quality and sustainability, i.e., it seeks to invest in high-quality issuers that also meet certain environmental, social and corporate governance standards. This approach reflects in above-average ratings with regard to the fund's performance and sustainability.

I-AM GreenStars Opportunities is offered in three share classes for private investors (AT0000A1YH15 [R] accumulating [EUR]; AT0000A2GU35 [R] distributing [EUR] and AT0000A1YH23 [R] VTIA fully accumulating [EUR]) and institutional investors (AT0000A12G92 [S] VTA fully accumulating [EUR], AT0000A1YH31 [I] accumulating [EUR] and AT0000A1YH49 [I] VTIA fully accumulating [EUR]).

I-AM GreenStars Opportunities

About Impact Asset Management

Impact Asset Management GmbH (I-AM) is one of the leading bank-independent asset management companies in the German-speaking region, specialising in the selection, analysis and management of ESG and impact strategies. The investment policy aims to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to generate social, environmental and financial returns as a "triple bottom line" asset manager. The goal of the managed funds is sustainable asset growth with the greatest possible risk diversification and security. In the coming years, the customer base is to be enlarged in close cooperation with banks, platforms and distribution partners and expanded into new markets.

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Disclaimer: An investment in funds is subject to general economic risks and fluctuations in value, which can lead to losses - up to the total loss of the capital invested. Explicit reference is made to the detailed risk information in the statutory sales documents of the respective financial products.

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