Asia – A growing market

Booming region

The Asian economy is growing. No emerging markets region has been able to improve and stabilize its economic performance in recent years other than Asia. The Chinese economy, for instance, has experienced a fundamental improvement.

This is also reflected in the valuation of different rating agencies. Overall, Asia once again appears to be an excellent opportunity for investors wishing to benefit from the growth potential of new markets.

Millions of new consumers

The number of wealthy consumers with disposable income in Asia is growing. In the People’s Republic of China alone, the nominal income of the urban population has tripled since 2005, which represents an annual growth rate of 12%.

The consumption-relevant middle class in China has grown to 500 million. Thanks to rising consumption, the Asian economy is expanding and offers viable return opportunities for European investors.

Investing in tomorrow’s brands

Investors who put their money into start-ups like Amazon, Google or Apple 20 years ago probably don’t regret this decision. On the contrary, many investors ask themselves why they missed these opportunities and trends.

Similarly, Asia now offers a multitude of dynamic companies which could become the big brands of tomorrow. Funds investing in Asian equities and companies could be tomorrow’s winners.

Expert team in Europe and Asia

Impact Asset Management GmbH ("IAM") is an asset manager active at the international level. The objective of the fund managers in Europe is consistent capital growth combined with maximum risk diversification and security.

The IAM team manages the company’s Asian funds in conjunction with an Asian partner: Lion Global Investors. With fund assets under management of approximately USD 37 billion, the Singapore-based asset manager is among the leading investment providers in Asia.

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